How to submit your artwork:To ensure the fastest production time, files must be submitted per our specs. below. Failure to do so may result in delays, and, when needed, art assistance charges.


File Formats Accepted

Other formats maybe accepted but will incur art charges of $95.00 per hour to recreate or fix as needed.

All Files must be 150 dpi at 100% physical size of output

  • Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS)
  • JPEG (.JPG) - Must be at 150 dpi and at 100% physical size of output
  • Tagged Image File (.TIF) -Must be at 150 dpi and at 100% physical size of output
  • PDF - Portable Document File - High Resolution (.PDF)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 or earlier (.AI)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 or earlier (.PSD or .PSB)

Design File Requirements

  • Do not submit any font files. All text must converted to outlines before artwork is submitted.
  • All files should be flattened before submitted. No layers in Photoshop files.
  • All files should be created at 100% at 150dpi - Please don't enlarge low-res. artwork to fit the panel sizes
  • Please save your files in CMYK mode.
  • Please provide us with your PMS color matches for all pertinent color matches.
  • We can't guarantee a PMS color match, but will try to get as close as possible
  • Do not include any bleeds in your files.
  • All photomural panel layouts should be created as one file rather than separating out each panel into its own individual file.

RGB vs. CMYK file formats

CMYK files - Or, files color-ready for printing with CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and BLACK are prefered for our equipment. Files must be converted prior to uploading. However, if you choose to have us convert your artwork from RGB to CMYK, there will be a charge of $ 95.00 as we may have to convert multiple items and pictures.

Determine Image Quality from Pic. Source

Good Quality:

High resolution / high quality photography

High resolution / high quality scanner

Low Quality:

Screen capture of video frame

Low resolution / low quality stock photography

Image copied/dragged off a web-page

150 dpi @ 100%

72 dpi @ 100% panel size

Timelines & Proofs

Once your graphics have been received by our Graphics Department, we will start by reviewing your graphic file or files to ensure that your artwork has met the criteria outlined in these specifications to produce the best quality output graphics. If any modifications or changes to the artwork need to be made, you will be notified, and you will have the opportunity to submit new artwork with the necessary changes. If new artwork is not submitted and you choose to have our Graphics Department make the modifications or changes, you will be billed at a rate of $95.00 per hour.

After our Graphics Department has reveiwed your artwork, you will receive at least one proof via email. You will receive these proofs within 24 hours of submitting artwork to us. You must respond to this email approving your artwork for print. The faster we get an approval, the faster we can begin the printing process. Once your approval has been received, the printing process will take 5-15 days depending upon the item you purchased. Please refer to the item description for the actual lead time for the item you purchased.

Please note that these production lead times are from the date of approval, not from the date that the artwork was received. If you have purchased graphics that include a rush charge, then the amount of production days will be less. Please factor in shipping time from when the graphics will be printed when trying to determine when you will receive the final graphics. If you need to rush an order that was not originally purchased with a rush fee, then please contact your sales representative immediately for assistance.

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