FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is a "Pop Up" Display?

The term "Pop Up" refers to the frame that is transported in a compressed configuration. Then when the user is in need of the Display, he/she simply "pops up" the frame to its full width and height in one easy motion, attaches magnetic mounting bars to the frame, creating a stationary Display to attach Velcro-acceptable fabric and/or graphic panels. A full 10' Pop Up Display is designed to assemble in less than 20 minutes.

2. Can one person set up a Pop Up Display?

Yes. Our Pop Up Displays are designed to be set-up quickly and easily by one person.

3. What do I do with the shipping cases when I am set up at the trade show?

If you have a Podium Conversion Kit for your shipping case, storage at the show will not be an issue since your case will become an integral part of your display booth. Most Customers use this podium to display literature, business cards or even as a stand for a laptop computer. It also offers you another location to display graphics.

4. How do the fabric panels attach to the Pop Up frame?

The fabric panels have a hanging mechanism along the top edge and magnetic strips along both vertical edges. The hangers position each panel while the magnetic strips adhere directly to the magnetic channel bars that, in turn, have been attached to the Pop Up frame. We use magnet to magnet attaching technology to ensure consistent panel alignment and proper adhesion.