Image Master Displays will not be held liable for any delays in the shipping of products.  The lead times indicated on this website are only estimates.  These estimates should not be misconstrued as actual amounts of time for production.  Image Master Displays will also not be held liable for any third party carrier delaying in the delivery of products.  All claims must be processed directly with the third party carrier. Image Master Displays will honor its return policy for products that are not received in a customer's expected time frame.  However, please review the Return Policy and Product Exemptions to Return Policy to make sure your order can be returned.

International Shipping

All international shipments are subject to additional fees such as duties, taxes and customs clearance fees.  These fees are the responsibility of the client.  In the event that these fees are charged to Image Master Displays, these fees will be paid on behalf of the client and in turn will be billed to the client.  The credit card that was used to place the order will be charged for these additional fees.